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Well, for me, it’s been a really long road of addiction kind of building up to this one moment.

I’m the very best version of myself right now, and that’s a gift. Stephanie

I wonder sometimes in the past why I couldn’t get sober and stay sober, and I think this time… You know, I remember kind of coming to, and something inside of me was like, “enough, this is enough. You—me—I’m worth fighting for.”

I think in the past I’d always put it on everyone else, to get better for my family, to get better for whatever, and this time it was me, it was me.

I could finally see me.

And from that moment I decided I would do whatever it took and nothing would stop me. And some days that’s really hard, it is a lot of work, but it’s been worth it, every day.

I choose recovery every day because I mean, it’s amazing.

I’m the very best version of myself right now, and that’s a gift.

It’s a gift to myself, my family, and it’s a gift to the people around me.

I wake up, I don’t just, like, stumble out of rooms wondering where I am. I wake up and I give back, I give back to myself, my family, I have this wonderful life.

One of the biggest things is when I go to meetings and I share my story or whatever it is, I’m affecting other people. And there’s something infectious about that. There’s something that’s like, get up today and do some good and change some lives. My children are growing up with an example of a person who not only got their life together, but is doing a really good job. And I think it’s amazing. And I won’t give it back. I’ll never give it back.

My name is Stephanie, and I choose recovery every day.


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