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I wanted treatment because through my life using and drinking was basically – was my life.

I know that if I continue to strive and stay sober one day at a time, my life will get better. Kevin

So when I had a friend who went into treatment, it kind of inspired me to know that I didn’t have to continue to live—to live my life that way. So I want to say that was my moment of clarity, to know that I wasn’t alone and that if somebody else can do it, I can do it.

My life was so involved with drugs and alcohol to the point where I totally believed that that was my end, that was it, that I was going to live my life ‘til I die using and drinking.

So once I met this person, and they disappeared, and I was really kind of curious—I didn’t know why they disappeared—and come to find out, like a month later, they had went to treatment. However, it kind of—when I found out they went to treatment, I was kind of like didn’t want to believe that […] this was an option. So when I talked to him more about it, I came to the understanding that there’s people just like me who really don’t want to continue to go on that path of destruction. So that was my, my little glimpse of hope, I want to say. And once this individual took me to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, it pretty much—it gave me hope that, you know, I wasn’t alone, especially when I started reading the Big Book.

My name is Kevin, and I choose recovery every day.


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